Friday, May 8, 2009

It’s Party Time!!!!

It’s Party Time at my house tonight with my 3rd daughter, Lauren, turning 9 years old today. We decided no big party this year but she was allowed to invite 2 friends to Pizza dinner and a DVD.

To make it a little more special I decided to make some of the lovely Handbags that the gorgeous Makeesha Byl demonstrated at Convention for her party/lolly bags.

Here’s a picture of one empty handbag.

Party Handbag empty x 1

Isn’t it gorgeous. Makeesha is such a clever lady and so generous to share her wonderful ideas and tutorials with us all and for FREE……. I’m not sure if this tutorial is on her website yet but if you haven’t seen her other ones then pop over to her website and check them out. 

Now I needed to make 7 all up which is 1 each for her friends, her 3 sisters, our neighbour and my good friends little girl and of course for Lauren too.

I literally whipped up the 7 handbags last night and have just finished doing the contents. I’ve used retired DSP as they will appreciate them regardless and it helps get rid of some of my surplus……

Here are the 7 bags full with their goodies.

Party Handbags x 7 - Lauren

Don’t they look fantastic? Well I think so anyway.I’m not even sure which one is my favourite.

Would you like to see what’s in them?

Party Handbag & contents

Inside each handbag is a Lolly bag which I’ve made a matching bag topper for, a pen and mechanical pencil which has matching dsp inside and a glow stick bangle. 


Now I better get a move on and finish cleaning the house and do some decorating before it’s time to pick my 4 girls up from school. I’d better make that Birthday card too…nothing like leaving things till the last minute now is there…

 photo Nikki4.png


Keesh said...

Gorgeous Nicki! Love the goodies you have put in the inside! THey are going to go nuts over them! Have a great party! Love Keesh x

Leanne said...

Holy cow Nicole, They are fantastic! You put me to shame. We are about to go to Lollipops for Claire's 7th birthday and I'm ashamed to say I bought goodie bags from Woolies! Oh well, maybe next time ay? Love Leanne.

Lynda S said...

Fab idea Nicki and beautifully executed. The gals are going to go NUTS over them....hope they treat them with SOME respect...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Nikki these are fabulous..... oh why couldn't I have had a girl! I hope they loved them as much as we all do & we're only "looking"
Kerri D

Karen said...

Hiya Nicki!

These look fantastic! Gosh your a good mum to make all those!

Hope that party went well!

Luv Karen

Chantelle said...

These little bags look gorgeous - such a great idea for a girls party. I'm def. going to try these out - would make cute gifts as well.

Steph said...

Oh Nikki, These look gorgeous! Well done! I hope the girls love em'

Steph X

Sheree Parkin said...

What a great idea. I might try this for my daughters birthday party. She will love it. Thanks

Bridget D. said...

Hi Nikki, I've looked all over Makeesha's blog but can't find these gorgeous purses! Can you send me a link or a tutorial? I love them!!!