Sunday, August 10, 2008

I have an Award



I totally forgot about Leonie Schroder giving me this award until I was checking my blogger settings just now and realised I hadn't published Leonie's comment which contained a link to my award from the 11th July. So sorry Leonie but thanks for my award.

This is my first time receiving an Award of this kind. Must mean I'm doing something right, well I sure hope so anyway.

I now have to pass this on to 5 other bloggers, so who will I give it to.....


1. Marelle Taylor - I've only known Marelle since joining Stampin' Up but she has been so helpful when I've needed some information, guidance or answers to a 'How do you do that?' question, she so deserves this award. Of course her blog is wonderful too.

2. Makeesha Byl - I've crossed paths with Makeesha at Convention but that's about all. However, she has a fabulous blog and is so generous with her ideas and time that even though Leonie gave this award to her last month I'm still going to give it to her again this month.

3. Teneale Williams - I've met Teneale a few times at the Papercraft Festivals when she has been part of the Stampin' Up team to demonstrate and run the stall. She is a lovely friendly lady who does wonderful work. Teneale has only recently given into the pressure of starting a blog but she has plenty of gorgeous creations on there already to tantilise you all.

4. Sam Post - Sam & I have only briefly met but we have conversed on many occassions via email. Sam is always making great cards and projects that she shares on her blog.

5. Sarah Klass - Sarah has some wonderful creations on her blog. She is also responsible for some inspiration on my recent craft room relocation and renovation. Sarah revamped her room a while back with some wonderful IKEA furniture which I also have some of now too. Thanks for sharing those photos Sarah as I am very happy with my room now.

Thank you ladies for sharing your wonderful work via your blogs with all of us that visit them for inspiration.

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Ryemilan said...

Thank you Nikki, I feel very honoured!!!

All the best,