Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm back


Sorry about my absence for such a long time.  I've been in a bit of a slump as far as stamping has gone. Firstly I lost my mojo (well maybe just misplaced it for a litle while) and I also lost my drive as I've been struggling to find some new customer and workshops. Now this last one hasn't changed so if you are looking for a demonstrator to hold a workshop or just place an order please remember me. You can email me at for further details.

On a more positive note I've had some exciting changes going on at home during our recent school holidays. My hubby agreed to me changing my stamping room. I now have a dedicated room just for my craft where as I used to have our business computer, filing cabinet, etc in my room too. I also went to a bigger room and went shopping at IKEA for furnishings and have it pretty well organised.

Well are you interested in seeing pictures?

Looking in from hallway This is looking into the room from my hallway. We are going to put bi-fold doors on at a later date but considering this room used to be more of a storage area it's a big improvement. It's also the first room when you walk into the house from the front door.



That fabric wall again

This is another shot from my hallway showing my sewing area.  I emptied 11 40litre storage containers worth of fabric into this one unit. Looks kinda cool, don't you think?? Now I just have to make sure I put it to use more often as I have hardly done any sewing in years. No excuse for not knowing what I have or where it is now. The small filing cabinet holds my sewing patterns in one draw and my non-SU cardstock in the other.


From sewing area looking towards computer,etc


\This is taken from the sewing corner. As you can see my computer in the far corner, my extra worktable (this will come in handy for my classes so the main dining table is spared) and 1 of the 3 bookcases holding my stamping supplies.






This is another of my bookcases which contain current SU stamp sets and scrapbook paper storage along with a few other things. This is next to my new worktable so they are at hand.




More bits & pieces


This bookcase houses only a few SU things and the rest is other supplies. I can't part with everything and it's nice to play with some other items at times. Mind you they don't get used all that often anymore but you never know.





My new work table & draw unit

This is my new worktable which still has to have some wall shelves added with some countertop flourescent lights.  The filing cabinet holds all my SU cardstock along with my business supplies. The draw unit is on castors so I move that out of the way when I stamp and have an extra desktop on hand for those extra things that just don't have room on your desk when you are creating or that build up while you are creating.


With my wall shelves and lights up This is the final shot with my wall shelves and lights now up. So much better to work at now. That's 2 of my girls sharing their company with me. Plenty of room for them to craft with me now too.

There are only 2 more changes to be made. I have wall shelves still to go up above one of my sewing machine tables next to my SU bookcase and also hubby suggested putting up a wire shelf above my other sewing machine (next to my fabric wall) to hold my rolls of fabric so they are off the ground.


So what do you think?? Isn't it great.

Now to just get creating more......

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