Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm making some changes.....

I'm in the process of recreating my website. It will take some time as I learn the software to do this but I thought I would update my blog to this one on my current site for now. My current site will be updated until I have the new one all ready to go, so it's not outdated information on there. I will try and update more often to my blog (yes, I've said that before...) with more cards to share. I haven't wanted to post my last month's workshop cards as yet though because one was postponed till this month and it will still work in with the July Promotion so rather than risk the hostess seeing her gift and demo cards before her workshop, I must keep them hidden from you all.

That's it for me for the moment. I hope to have something to share in the next few days although with school holidays and trying to sort out the new website, I won't promise anything. Must prepare for Sunday's workshop in there too somewhere.

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